All you Need to Know about Auto-Insurance Premium

Auto insurance is an integral aspect of car ownership. Taking a car insurance cover is not only a matter of law but also a matter of personal safety. The pain comes in when you need to pay up the premiums but you have little choice over it. However, there are several things you might do to keep insurance premiums low. In this article, I will share with you how insurance companies calculate premiums and then give you some handy tips to keep your car insurance premiums at a minimum.

How Insurance Companies Calculate premiums

Insurance is a probability business and this means that the higher the probability of an event occurring, the higher the premiums you are likely to pay. Let us always keep in mind that insurance companies are in business and would want to keep costs low and profits high. The general rule is; the riskier the event, the higher the premium. In auto insurance, the premiums are calculated depending on a number of factors. These include;


Your age is among the most important variables in auto-insurance premium calculations. Based on empirical research by different reputable organizations such as the Insurance Institute, different age groups have different likelihoods of involvement in a car accident. If you are ever in a car crash it’s important to remember that no matter your age, you may still be entitled to compensation and so you should always seek advice from an automobile accident attorney las vegas based or similar.

Teenagers are involved in the highest number of car accidents annually, more than any other age group. For this reason, teenagers pay the highest amount of premium. They are also the ones who would need the services of a DUI attorney (like the ones at Salwin Law Group or similar others) more frequently than the others. But, as one moves into their 20s, the premium goes down slightly. The downward trend goes on until the 50s. This is as a result of more driving experience which makes you less likely to cause an accident. As one hits the late 50s into 60s, premiums may start climbing again due to loss of reflexes as a result of age. The eyesight is also poorer making accidents more likely.

The Car Model

The higher the value of a car, the higher the premiums. A pricey sport utility vehicle attracts a higher premium than a family saloon car. Do not be surprised by an insurance invoice if you decide to upgrade from a Station Wagon to a Rolls Royce.

The Drivers Record

Have you been involved in a car accident lately? Or have you been flagged off for driving under influence? Expect higher premiums next time you apply for coverage. Insurance premiums will be higher for a driver with a history of involvement in car accidents than for a driver with no citation for violation or involvement in an accident. As such, many drivers who have been victims of car accidents will have been pointed in the direction of someone like this texas car accident lawyer in order to receive the recommended amount of compensation that could help with any medical bills they have. Unfortunately, this won’t cover the auto insurance that you will be expected to pay at your renewal. So, driving carefully will help to make sure that you don’t pay any more than you would like to pay for your insurance plan. This is because the insurance company sees a higher risk of a claim from the former than the latter.


Believe it or not, some insurance companies calculate premiums differently for men and women. This is based on statistics indicating that men are more dangerous drivers than women. For this reason, men are prone to pay higher premiums than women. Some states have however banned this variable citing it to be discriminatory. Ask your insurer whether gender still counts in premiums calculation.

Tips for Keeping Insurance Premiums Low

Having known how your insurer arrives at that figure in your invoice, I now give you some tips for keeping the premiums down. Read on;

Shop for Insurance Before Buying a Car

This might sound like putting a horse before the cart but it really helps to know the premiums for a particular car. Ascertain whether you can afford the premium, before buying the car with the help of a Portland State Farm insurance agent, or with agents of comparable caliber.

Install Driving Monitors

Some insurance companies will agree to bring down the cost of premium if you install gadgets to monitor safe driving. If you need to save some dollars on premiums, consider installing the gadgets. They are pretty cheap, some going for as low as $25.

Stellar Driving Record

I know it is sometimes beyond our control but driving safe and avoiding traffic violations will help bring your premiums down.

Defensive Driving Course

Some insurance companies will chop off some dollars from your premium if you take a defensive driving course. This is particularly relevant for senior citizens whose reflexes have dropped due to age or disease

Loyalty Programs and Discounts

Ask your insurance agent or company whether they have some discount for loyal customers. Some insurers keep it under wraps until you ask. Don’t let the opportunity go down the drain.

We love our cars and taking insurance is an indication that we really value the machines. However, high insurance premiums might be a real pain. The above tips will help in lessening the pain.