Hi, My name is Hunter Jennings.

I live in Fresno, California along with my wife and two daughters. (Oh! and not to forget, my labradors- Macey and Max). How old am I? I’m just old, a fact my daughters never forget to remind me.

I am a car dealer by day who turns into a bourbon loving, shower singing dad at night, who watches way too much reality TV (something my wife keeps nagging me about but I love her nonetheless). I have 2 daughters- Mary and Clara, who although are hard work, are turning out ok, but maybe a tad bit scary like their mom.

What exactly is Sprawlway?

Being as old as I am, I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen it all and have a truckload of stories, which include everything from losing my job, to going bankrupt, to buying my first car. It was during the lockdown because of the ‘one which must not be named’, that I decided to start this blog as an escape from my family. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but they can be quite a handful. You need some time for yourself, but they never leave you alone.

You see, I have a lot swimming around in my head and I needed to get it out. I launched sprawlway.org as a platform to share all my stories and the life hacks I’ve picked up along the way. Choosing a name for the blog was no small feat. The youngest of my daughters, Clara came up with the name Sprawlway and said it sounds cool and modern. Apparently, all my suggestions were either boring or dull.

So What’s next?

Well, I have lots to talk about, and I mean a lot. I’ll be posting all my ramblings on here. You can already find some here, but there’s more to come. Want to know about cash advances, bargain deals, or how to unclog your sink, just continue reading. What are you waiting for?

Happy reading!