What Makes Vaping Exciting?

The vaping industry has grown considerably in recent years. More and more ex-smokers and those that might have smoked are taking up the pursuit. They find it helps them get through their day, taking away the anxieties. Many things make vaping exciting, and we shall explore some of them.

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Social Side

We all want to feel more sociable and be seen that way. When smoking tobacco, is a bit like being the odd one out these days because of the promoted side effects in terms of our health. I mean, even the packets tell us not to smoke them. With vaping, it is different because nobody believes that you are going to harm them by standing next to them and replicating the image of a steam train. For this reason, they will find you more socially acceptable. They may even join in with your vaping pleasures. Also, with the availability of disposable and portable vape accessories (check out these disposable vape pens if interested), it might make sense for people to consider vaping rather than smoking.

There are more people into it than you might think, so you are bound to find others on your travels who share the same desire to vape safely, rather than smoke in a way that would seem to be gambling with life expectancy. Not to forget, you can get various options in vaping devices and flavors, which makes it a more demanded CBD product. You can get quality refills from websites like https://mmjexpress.cc/product-category/vape/, available in diverse concentrations as well. All these plus points with its social acceptance could be the reason behind the popularity of vapes worldwide.

The Variety of Flavours

We could call them flavors or aromas as our taste buds and sense of smell benefit from the variety of the different pre-filled cartridges available. You do not have to stick with one flavor but can alternate or try lots of different flavors over time. Interestingly, you can even enjoy the benefits of cannabis by vaping it (you can purchase THC vape juice from buy weed online to give it a try). While vaping cannabis tends to produce fewer toxins than smoking it, it also lets you get a nice buzz.

As for the variety of flavors, e-juice flavors separate into approximately 6 categories. These include fruity, desserts, candles, drinks, menthols, and tobacco. That is right, you can have tobacco flavor just as you would experience it with a cigarette. So, there is no need not to switch if that is what you desire. Conversely, you can choose from a range of fruity flavors that might suit you because you enjoy drinking or eating them. We all have our particular tastes whether we are eating them or vaping them.

Also, by construction, vaporizers are pleasant to use. Just like the flavors that you can taste and smell.


We can vape knowing that we are not harming ourselves, our children, or our friends around us. This is peace of mind. We can know, too, that we are not causing harm to ourselves and turning the pleasure into something hedonistic.

The health conditions we have to fear from regular tobacco-based smoking include lung diseases, heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. You might have heard of COPD. This stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is commonly caused by the effects of smoking. Also, to add to the list are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Not to mention how smoking will increase the risk of tuberculosis, eye diseases, and cause problems with our immune system. It is particularly important in a pandemic that we have good immunity. We do not have to worry about these risks, though, when we vape rather than smoke. Okay, we only live once, but let us enjoy it for as long as possible.

So, vaping has been made more exciting by eliminating the worry of one or several health conditions we might be setting ourselves up for if we were to smoke instead.

With the above providing the excitement, who needs a regular cigarette? Vaping is a more socially acceptable pursuit, you have a variety of flavors to explore in pre-filled cartridges, and you will not worry about your health, or the health of others while doing it. You can relax in the way that pleasure intended. You can feel calm and relaxed at any time of the day, whether you are taking a break or have entered full relaxation mode.

Who needs an air freshener inside their home when they can vape until their heart is content and smell the pleasures of their efforts afterward? Not that it is an effort, it is a pleasing activity that is fun to do alone or to share in the pleasure of talking to others.