Top Eight Merits of Home Automation

There are close to 175 million smart homes globally, and the US has the highest number of smart homes at slightly above 40 million-this accounts to more than 30% of all homes in the US. This shows that many people. This trend does raise some questions, one of them being whether smart homes are that awesome or it is just another passing trend? If you have this and other questions, here are some answers.

Saves Time and Money

According to a study done by iPropertyManagement, slightly less than 50% of the respondents said that smart home automation helped them save money. In another study, respondents stated that smart heating and cooling systems decreased energy bills by 50%. One of the areas that they saved money on was energy costs. I agree with this study because smart automation enabled me to have more control over my heating and cooling costs because I have a programmable thermostat. The thermostat learns my temperature preferences as well as my schedule and even suggests the best energy-efficient settings. However, checking regularly if those appliances are working properly can help in energy efficiency as well as money. For instance people in cold areas like Fargo, North Dakota may experience a sudden failure of the home furnace system, which could cause a lot of unpleasantness. Nevertheless, getting them checked regularly could avert the disaster. One can google home heating in Fargo ND‘ and get results for appliance service providers that can help them avoid such circumstances. However, those that want help integrating a new heating and cooling system into their home may want to find out about the HVAC installation services from such companies as CJS Heating & Air. Some lighting devices can be programmed to switch on after the sun sets or turn lights off or on automatically when I enter or exit a room.

Increased Safety

The same study also showed that close to 75% of the respondents felt their home was more secure after installing a smart security system. There are many apps like Nimbio which has access control systems that use cellular internet to control the gate with your phone from anywhere. Once I combined security and surveillance features in my home network the security in my home improved. My home automation system can connect to the motion sensors, automated door locks, and surveillance cameras on my mobile phone. I can activate them from the comfort of my bed and even monitor my home when I am in another continent. Apart from savings in energy expenditures, you might even save close to 20% off your home insurance premiums with some companies.

Ease of Use

Home automation has enabled me to control various aspects of my house even when I am away. For example, on a cold winter day, I can order the house to become warmer before arriving. It has simplified my cooking since I can pre-warm the oven while I am leaving the store. In case I am not sure whether I forgot to switch off the lights, I can confirm on my phone and switch it off.


Home automation brings convenience. The ability to monitor various aspects of my house on one interface on any device makes managing my home easier. I have one application that integrates various aspects of my home like lighting, temperature control, sound devices and even cooking appliances. This means I only have to learn this application and I can control all these devices in my home.


Most smart home systems enable you to add new devices and appliances. As a user of smart home devices, I know that technology will keep on improving and better devices will be developed. Also, I might need to add or replace my appliances or devices. Smart home systems will enable me to do this seamlessly and effortlessly without having to learn new software.

Improved Appliance Functionality

Smart home systems aid me to better manage my home. For instance, a smart oven will help me cook my chicken just right, and I do not have to fret about overcooking or undercooking it. Having a dolby atmos soundbar or similar sound system with inbuilt voice assistance can help me manage my music easily when I have guests.

Home Management Insights

Home automation enables me to gather feedback from my devices. For example, I can monitor the meals I frequently cook, what I watch on TV, how often I watch TV, and my energy consumption habits. I can analyze this data and make various adjustments to suit my lifestyle.

Increased Home Value

A study done by Venture Beat showed that smart home gadgets increased the resale value of a home. In the study, 80% of the respondents who had smart home devices were more interested in buying a home with connected smart devices over homes with no devices.

If you were wondering whether to get a home automation system, I hope the above points have tilted the scale in favor of automating your home.