What is DPF Cleaning and How Can it Improve My Engine’s Performance?

Vehicle performance is directly relatable to Engine performance. The engine is what determines how fast we can travel and how smoothly we can do it. Also, how efficiently we can do it in terms of fuel consumption. So, a badly maintained engine not only means reduced road performance but higher diesel bills. A trained specialist in engines will be able to hear the difference. We, on the other hand, will notice it on the road, as the regular driver of our vehicle, and when looking at our bank statements. It makes sense to do everything that we can to improve the performance of a car to in the long term save money. This article will look at what automobile experts such as Engine Carbon Detox can do for a vehicle through exploring what we mean by DPF cleaning. We will also see how this process improves our engine’s performance.


What is a DPF?

DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter. It will make use of a substrate that is typically made from a ceramic material which has a honeycomb-like structure to reduce the emissions of a diesel vehicle.

It is important to reduce emissions because carbon emissions cost money. Carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles result in global warming and so should be reduced wherever possible. Although we cannot stop climate change completely, we can slow it down. In addition, burning more fuel than necessary, has a financial impact on the motorist because of needing to top up their tank more often.


How Does a DPF Cleaner Work?

DPFs work by capturing and storing soot from the exhaust, which then must be burned off periodically to regenerate the filter. It is important to have this filter cleaned on a regular basis by an engine specialist to ensure that it continues to work to its full potential. Otherwise, the filter will not be keeping the engine working to its optimum level. This then in turn will reduce vehicle performance while increasing fuel consumption.

A DPF filter clean will remove PM10 residuals, cerium residuals, and oil residuals, to improve the vehicle’s engine along with its filter. The DPF cleaner will work the same on filters of various sizes, including HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) DPF filters.


What Benefits Will I Notice?

One of the main benefits of improved energy performance is reduced fuel consumption. That is why it is worth giving your engine a regular carbon detox. In the long term, it will save you money on diesel bills. When you think of how many miles or kilometres you travel with a potentially dirty engine, the increased fuels costs could turn out to be considerable.

In addition to saving on diesel, once your vehicle has had a carbon detox, it will drive better and outperform the vehicles that have not had the detox done. It will perform better on long stretches of road where you can really take the engine to its limits, subject to speed restrictions. As a tip, it is good to regularly take a vehicle on long runs to clear the engine, which can become quite clogged up by everyday driving, which generally consists of constantly starting and stopping while driving among heavy traffic.

The use of a DPF cleaner will improve how the DPF works in the future.

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So, a DPF cleaner is something that your vehicle might like to experience. An engine specialist will know its true potential, but just from what we can glean here, it is something an engine will benefit greatly from. Then, with your almost supercharged engine, you will be able to experience driving like you have never experienced it before, driving in a vehicle that handles as it did from new, and does not cost any more than it should to run.