The Best 4×4 Accessories Obtainable in Australia

Whether you own a Ranger, a Toyota 4×4, or run another vehicle of this type, you will want to know that the accessories are out there to service your needs fully. More than any other kind of vehicle, 4x4s will benefit from having the right accessories fitted to make them purposeful, secure, and fun to be in.

With accessories in mind, you might like to visit at some point during the reading of this article. So, just what are the best accessories out there for the 4×4 motorists in Australia?

Plastic Accessories

Firms that manufacture plastics are catering for 4×4 users in the accessories that they are producing. For instance, you can obtain fixed or sliding windows where the frames are made from plastic. This will certainly prevent corrosion and can look appealing as a black frame. Doors are available with plastic frames too, from caravan to camper to baggage and access doors. Water tanks can be fitted that are made from durable plastic. All these accessories are being manufactured in a way that makes them suitable for 4x4s, which is why this community of 4×4 road users embraces them.

Functionality and Pleasure

There is no doubt that accessories add functionality and safety to a 4×4. We will want extra windows to pleasure our passengers and provide them with a better view when going on long road trips and, at the same time, want the designs and fittings that make them secure. Part of the pleasure of relocating from A to B is in seeing what is along the way, and there are some beautiful routes to admire, as a driver and a passenger.

The available plastic water tanks will come in all shapes and sizes and be capable of holding up to 580L if desired. Hydration is everything when you go on a long trip, the weather is hot, and the next service station may be some way off. To be manufactured from lightweight plastic will mean that you reduce the weight you are carrying on your vehicle and so also your fuel bill. This is why Formula One motor cars are so keen not to carry any more weight than possible and have the drivers with the physiques to ensure it. We do not have to worry when our accessories are not as heavy as they might have been manufactured out of a different material other than plastic. There is no sacrifice because they are manufactured from plastic because they are well up to the job. They even consider hygiene in that the materials used will be food-grade polyethylene material. This makes these water tanks perfect for storing fresh water while on the road. They are both algae and UV resistant, which is comforting to know.


With a 4×4, you will want to know that small parts are available too to help you on your way.

Gas struts make it easier when it comes to opening heavy lids, such as those of toolboxes. They also make light work of opening windows and the pop-top roofs of caravans.

Fasteners will come in spring bolt form for making sure that drawers remain closed when you are on the move. You can go more heavy-duty with fasteners if you wish. It is about security and protecting your items while on the road. This then leads on to locks that include standard tongue folding T-handles, front fixing T-handles, and large thumb press compression locks. Also, trailer door locks. These all make sense when you have a 4×4 and want to secure it properly for peace of mind and an uninterrupted trip.

Aesthetically, you might consider having trims to finish your 4×4 or caravan off nicely. Typical lengths available will be 2m. It is always worth checking out what is available to make your 4×4 setup pleasing to the eye as well as functional.

So, in Australia, we have the plastic option when it comes to accessories for our 4×4. This is a robust and hygienic material when required to be and reduces the weight that we are carrying on our vehicle. This makes it a cost-effective solution when it comes to fuel usage and convenience.

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