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Rep. Hastert finds rural home, away from traffic and sprawl

Rep. Dennis Hastert has moved into a 192-acre rural sanctuary along Little Rock Creek in northwestern Kendall County. He bought the home at 1090 Creek Road in 2002 after selling his home in Yorkville.

The 192-acre site, about a mile south of the unincoporated village of Little Rock, is known as the Dockendorf farm. It includes a pond and woodlands along Little Rock Creek.

The farm is adjacent to the 45-acre Jay Woods, which was given to the Conservation Foundation for a future Kendall County Forest Preserve. The site is an uncut woodland along the banks of Little Rock Creek with ancient oaks, hickories, Ohio buckeyes, and cottonwoods.

 192-acre site of Hastert's reported new home

The farmland and rural atmosphere that Hastert is seeking are similar to that threatened elsewhere in Kendall and Kane counties by Hastert's pet pork barrel project, the Prairie Parkway. This outer beltway would run from Interstate 80 near Minooka to Interstate 88 east of Kaneville. The beltway would destroy thousands of acres of prime farmland and lead to unwanted sprawl and development.

The parallels are uncanny between the new Hastert farm and those elsewhere in Kendall and Kane counties that would be paved over by the Prairie Parkway. The Marvel Davis farm near Big Rock, for example, is about 200 acres and straddles Big Rock Creek. It, too, is adjacent to a forest preserve. But it would be cut in two by the proposed beltway.

The Davis farm was one of three in the Big Rock area designated among the ten most endangered historic places in 2002 by the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois because of the proposed beltway. <Website:>

Ironically, the new Hastert farm would have been in the path of a proposed western route for the beltway, considered by the Illinois Department of Transportation but abandoned in favor of the corridor further to the east. Hastert sold his home on Highway 34 east of Yorkville, a location facing increased traffic and congestion as the highway was widened to four lanes.